Thursday, 4 February 2010

In Reply to a Deluded Public Servant

Due to the fact TB's comment's don't seem to have been approved over at Kerry McCarthy's blog, he thought he would publish his reply to her

mud slinging
. The reply in full:
Twisting the words there much Kerry?

As you will read on Left Foot Forward I clearly explained that Eric Pickles announced that Labour would be fighting a dirty election, as you well know, and therefore there was an important role for rebuttal online.

As for the Sunlight Centre. You're not that special to be the only MP to have a call from someone there today. Given the intense public interest in the expenses saga should it be any surprise that an 
anti-corruption group
would query a suspicious sounding use of public money? It would be easier if the company in question clearly explained that they hired out photocopiers.

Thankfully I hear your staff acted in a graceful and professional manner, something you seem to find increasingly difficult.

It was not a media inquiry but part of an on going investigation by an organisation into openness and transparency in the British political system. Something you are your colleagues have held so deeply in disregard for too long.

Sorry if being questioned by a competent female made you feel uncomfortable. Instead of hiding behind cries of sexism you actually had to deal with scrutiny.

Wasn't so hard was it?

UPDATE 19.53: Seems Kerry has engaged. You can follow the ding dong developing


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