Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Sound of Silence

It's weird, there is a stunning silence from normally very loud and hysterical places. Why hasn't Liberal Conspiracy's editor, Pickled Politics, Comment is Free, you get the picture, commented properly on the banging up of bent copper Ali Dizaei? Not a squeak, despite writing about him extensively in the past. Could it be that it doesn't quite fit their desired narrative that he was part of a racially motivated smear campaign and was secretly a good egg?

TB was particuarly amused to yet again see Sadiq Khan MP being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the yet another wrong-un. Khan has previous on this sort of thing, and TB couldn't help notice that he was slipping out of the court room with Dizaei when he was cleared of corruption in a wiffy case back in 2003 when the footage was run on News at Ten
last night

Just sayin'.

UPDATE 16.01: TB hears that Ali Dizaei was sent down to Wandsworth Prison. In Sadiq Khan's Tooting constituency. Smirk.


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Hello darkness my old friend...



Lmao I saw Sadiq on there too. Good spot.

Tory Bear

ah the perils of scheduling posts.

have ammended. Might has well just come out and put Sunny's name in there straight up.


The Guardian's lead pieces on this from yesterday was real Psueds Corner stuff - https://bit.ly/d8Gauk - but they seem to have sorted it out today: Hugh Muir's CiF piece (https://bit.ly/96z4PZ ) and the editorial (https://bit.ly/bErcLX ) are spot on.

They strike exactly the balance (I hope) you're looking for: criticising both the Met and Dizaei for their respective behaviour, highlighting on going race issues in the Met.

The crowning irony is here: https://bit.ly/9KQI5K

Had the Met bothered to use its disciplinary procedures (which Paddick's claiming would have resulted in charges being proven), they'd have been criticised in 2003. I'd argue that's preferable to the saga that's ensued, which has ultimately served neither the Met or the NBPA's members well.


Another TB fail I see.

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