Tuesday, 9 March 2010

How Quickly The Guardian Unravels

TB is busy and he has done this before, but

has got his digging hat on again. Robert Booth the Guardian muckracker attempting to stir up trouble has had his string pullers cover well and truly blown:

The latest installment of this story has another point of interest, a comment from Gill Marshall-Andrews, Chairwoman of the 
Gun Control Network
We are deeply disturbed that elements of the Conservative party are allying themselves with the organisation Young Britons’ Foundation, whose aims include liberalisation of gun laws, and that senior Conservative figures are espousing the views of this disturbing group
But hang on a second – since when was liberalisation of gun laws one of the aims of the YBF? I’d love to see Marshall-Andrews provide a source for that. You’re certainly not going to find anything on that topic 
on the YBF’s website
. She goes on to say
Ordinary people in the UK are fearful of guns and do not want to see a return to the pre-Dunblane situation where pistol shooting was the ‘fastest growing sport’. Then we were clearly heading along the American road, a road we fervently hope that the Conservatives will not take us down again.
Now I’m even more confused. Had anyone – even the more strident Labourite – ever heard the Conservative leadership propose reversing the handgun ban? I mean, I have to assume that Gill Marshall-Andrews has, because otherwise she’s just scaremongering, and doing so with a specific political target (not that it’d be the first time 
the Gun Control Network has been accused of scaremongering
Isn’t it a little odd that the Gun Control Network should be commenting on this story, given the lack of a direct link? Let’s just pause to note that Gill Marshall-Andrews just happens to be the husband of the Bob Marshall-Andrews, Labour MP for Medway.
On a side note: Medway, as the political geeks among you will be aware, is significant marginal. Bob Marshall-Andrews has a a majority of less than 250 – reduced from over 5,000 in 1997 – and he’s standing down this year. His replacement, Teresa Murray, is expected to lose to the renamed Rochester and Strood constituency to the Conservative PPC, 
Mark Reckless
, who, in a pleasing coincidence, is 
a close friend of Daniel Hannan MEP
a member of the YBF’s Parliamentary Council

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Subtle move by the red team.


Anonymous said...

on a geeky point I think the acthought of as the "fastest growing sport" in the mid 90's up to 98 ish was mountain biking. Gun sports are limited in ability to grow fas due to lack of environments to practice.


TB, you should know better than to play into the hands of the Left. Gill Marshall-Andrews' "network" of bigots, comprising just four members (see their own Flickr page admitting this here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/45493751@N05/ ) deserves no more coverage than a coffee morning at a mother and toddler group.

Sharpshooter said...

Banning handguns, so how did that work out for them anyway? I imagine guncrime would have plummeted as a result?

Last people convicted of gun crime near here were Durham police. Selling on guns that should been destroyed...

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