Saturday, 3 April 2010

Don't Miss

TB is enjoying a few days off catching up on lots of things before the scrum kicks off on Tuesday. It seems the campaigns are still going strong though over the weekend. If you are switching off for the a couple of days make sure you note these two must reads/watches. Firstly David Cameron's

pitch for PM
in The Telegraph and how his political journey makes him the man for the top job:
"It was nine years ago, but every second is etched on my memory. I couldn’t stop fidgeting as I chewed gum, paced the draughty hall and smoked (I still hadn’t given up by then). The hours dragged by, the torture seeming to get only more intense. Every ballot box that was emptied appeared to have crosses for my opponents, not for me. My stomach was in knots, a gnawing dread that my second attempt to win a seat in Parliament would end in failure again."
Secondly catch up with BBC Parliament's half hour "
Hard Talk
" with Heather Brooke:
She get's quite a grilling and handles her own well in yet another, but ultimately fascinating, insight into her campaign against the establishment. 


Alan Douglas

Heather is John Cleese's love-child. At least, her face moves the same way. She should be made a peer.

Alan Douglas

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