Thursday, 22 April 2010

Labour's New Low

There will be apologies and serious rowing back from this. How insulting to every single disabled person in Britain. A future fair for all?

UPDATE: Just occurred to TB that Cameron's son spent all of his short life in a wheelchair. Is this really appropriate? The sooner Labour retract and apologise the better. Who approved this? McBride?


Red Rag

Unlike the Tory wannabe councillor flooring and punching that is Tory class at its highest.

Tory Bear


Scary Mary

What is wrong with the poster?

The Prescott thing was bollox anyway. He got shoved first.


Can't say any of the crips are impressed with it so far. We might find this kind of thing funny if both Labour and Tory parties didn't spend so much time demonising us.

Anonymous said...

A future Chair for all? ;-)

Mathieu said...

You've clearly never heard of the popular television show 'Little Britain'. Called satire. Bit more subtle than BIG WHITE TEXT WILL MAKE YOU VOTE FOR US, I know.

Joe Bloggs

It's definitely a lot more amusing following the debate on twitter than watching it on telly - came across and was fascinated to see the political hacks being far more candid than they are in their articles. The politicians come across as grasping and fake, the polls as biased or bought and the general public as skeptical as ever. The spin afterwards is incredible and you even get photos from within the press room.

Fascinating stuff, the internet and reality tv have made elections so much more interesting. The only real winners are the lib dems of course as otherwise they wouldn't have the tv coverage they get and Clegg seems to be seizing his opportunity. Will we have an Obama style surge is the big question??

Derp said...

As opposed to Labour influence on the world stage, which consists of Blair's grin and Baroness Ashton.

No, thank you.

Jack Stone

As a disabled person myself I think it is gutter politics and the Labour Party should be totally ashamed of itself.


IIRC, Little Britain portrays Andy, in the wheelchair, as a lazy benefit scrounger who pretends to be disabled so he can live off welfare while his hard working carer panders to his every need.

Fairly accurate representation of modern Britain, never mind Little Britain. Is this another of Labour's 'home made' efforts?

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