Friday, 14 May 2010

The Future of Blogging

A you may have noticed TB finds himself

more and more as his day job takes over too much of his writing time. As the dust settles and routine gets back to normal, he will try get at least a few posts a day up. He will try get his full analysis of the last couple of months up this weekend. As if by coincidence TB's views on that power of blogging under the coalition, or lack of it, have been profiled by the BBC:
"What did surprise me is how quickly the prominent bloggers fell behind the Lib-Con coalition idea, you wouldn't expect that to happen so quickly, even though it is what was needed. We wouldn't want any unnecessary internal argument, it took us 15 years to regroup and be together.

I think after this election you will see how they will all push their own agendas about policies. Blogs have more power now, and any MP would be foolish not to take them seriously. They can bring you down."
You can read the whole article


Anonymous said...

And so bloody typical of the BBC to call it a 'Lib-Con' coalition and NOT a 'Con-Lib' one!

I suppose I waste my breath!

Anonymous said...

what is the day job? we are all intrigued Mr cuddley bear.

Anonymous said...

He's in PR - can't you tell?

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