Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kiddy Polling

Keen bean

Keep Right Online
has prepared another poll for the Conservative Future election. TB hears that the ballot won't be for awhile, but the handover is ideally planned for conference.

There is some debate that the whole thing should be done online to save money on mailing out 20,000 ballot papers. TB is inclined to agree. Apparently this is "unconstitutional" though. Seeing as the constitution has been ignored for the last ten years why the sudden concern?

Either way,have your say on who you will back here:

The site will be polling for a week.


Anonymous said...

Patrick Sullivan has proved himself in a range of roles in CF and would be an excellent candidate. I don't know if he's interested in running but - as in other elections - I'm sure he'd draw huge support.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the Constitution? Perhaps CF have learnt something from the highly unconstitutional and cliquey group at Conservative Future Scotland!

John Moorcraft

That will be the same constitution that stipulates specific timescales for CF Elections to be held and insists that “membership” of the organisation is restricted to those aged 30 or under...I understand copies of the CF Constitution can be purchased from all good joke shops!

Of interest to this old CF hack will be the administration of these elections (which I make the assumption will be just for CF National Chairman in light of the fabled CF Reforms?). Given the (and I choose my words extremely carefully) historical concerns that have been raised habitually concerning the integrity of the vote (dodgy voter registrations, interesting ballot paper returns, preferred candidates...), it is important to ensure an appropriate system is in place long before things get moving. I wonder who will be charged with overseeing all this....

As an aside, check this out from the Libertarian Alliance website. Its been there a while, but given only about 3 people care about youth politics to the same geek levels that I do I suspect nobody has bothered to read it. The last line is interesting.

“During the 1980s, some of us tried hard to take over the governing party of this country. Though in practice, they were authoritarian corporatists, whose mission was to stabilise not change the existing order of things, the Conservatives justified themselves with a semi-libertarian rhetoric that allowed true believers to pose as hypocrites and get elected to positions of importance. Before the leadership understood what was happening, libertarians took over the Federation of Conservative Students and various other Party youth movements. The idea was to make these into bases from which to capture the central machinery of the Party. The leadership did eventually realise what was happening, and took ruthless action to stop the takeover. It set the security services on the Libertarian Alliance, and purged or closed down all the Party youth movements.

The takeover itself was a failure. But its legacy was a generation of activists who, inside or outside the Party structures, have been a continuing source of trouble to the Conservative leadership. And if not with the same confidence and numbers, a new generation of libertarian activists is already at work within the Conservative Party of David Cameron. Once the next general election is out of the way, another takeover will be attempted”.

Time to start blogging again methinks.

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