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has the list of seats that UKIP votes denied a Tory win:
Bolton West: Labour 18,329; Conservative 18,235; UKIP 1,901
Derby North: Labour 14,896; Conservative 14,283; UKIP 829
Derbyshire NE: Labour 17,948: Conservative 15,503; UKIP 2,636
Dorset mid & Poole: Labour 21,100; Conservative 20,831; UKIP 2,109
Dudley North: Labour 14,923; Conservative 14,274; UKIP 3,267
Great Grimsby: Labour 10,777: Conservative 10,063: UKIP 2,043
Hampstead & Kilburn: Labour 17,332; Conservative 17,290; UKIP 408
Middlesbrough South: Labour 18,138; Conservative 16,461; UKIP 1,881
Morley (Ed Balls): Labour 18,365; Conservatives 17,264; UKIP 1,506
Newcastle-Under-Lyme: Labour 16,393; Conservatives 14,841; UKIP 3,491
Plymouth Moor View: Labour 15,433; Conservatives 13,845; UKIP 3,188
Solihull: Liberal 23,635; Conservatives 23,460; UKIP 1,200
Somerton & Frome: Liberal 28,793; Conservatives 26,976; UKIP 1,932
Southampton Itchen: Labour 16,326; Conservatives 16,134; UKIP 1,928
St Austell & Newquay: Liberal 20,189; Conservatives 18,877; UKIP 1,757
St Ives: Liberal 19,619; Conservatives 17,900; UKIP 2,560
Telford: Labour 15,977; Conservatives 14,996; UKIP 2,428
Walsall North: Labour 13,385; Conservatives 12,395; UKIP 1,737
Walsall South: Labour 16,211; Conservatives 14,456; UKIP 3,449
Wells: Liberal 24,560; Conservatives 23,760; UKIP 1,711
Wirral South: Labour 16,276; Conservatives 15,745; UKIP 1,274
's in the Tory party - Conservative in the head, UKIP at heart - must find this wounding despite their obvious sympathy. The Balls result is particularly stinging.



Bloody hell.

I always knew UKIP were a bunch of muppets, but this is ridiculous. They don't think the Conservatives are sufficiently hostile to Europe, so they hand the balance of power to the most Euro-philic major party.

*Slow Hand Clap*

David Steven

Surely it's not that simple.

Take Morley. Surely some UKIP votes would have gone to BNP (and even to other parties - not all voters have predictable loyalties).

Some would certainly not have bothered to vote.

You'd need 3/4 to transfer for Balls to lose - which might well not have happened.

Rog said...

I would imagine a lot of UKIP voters thought long and hard before voting.

But for those of us who think we should fundamentally govern ourselves, we have no option.

If only we didn't have to.


Bloody hell, good post TB.

I can't say I feel your pain but I certainly understand it.


We were looking for the Conservative Party on the voting sheets. There weren't any, just more of the same "progressives".

Gareth said...

It *is* unrealistic to assume UKIP votes were denied to the Conservatives.

I would put more money on those seats not being won due to the social democratic 'Big Society' message. Why would anyone vote Blue Labour when you can just as easily vote for the Lib Dems or Labour themselves?


Serves the Tories right, if they couldn't have cobbled up something to attract UKIP voters.

Just goes to show that Team Cameron threw away the election by not appealing to people who under most circumstances would have voted Tory had he shown a bit of cast iron spine regarding the EU.

Anonymous said...

Pointless cunch of bunts. I hope they're pleased with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Cast Iron Guarantee.

Anonymous said...

All DC needed to do was announce a full cost benefit analysis as proposed by the Taxpayers Alliance.

How about Dave giving ground to natural Tories instead?

John Trenchard

The EU Referendum blog has compiled a list as well - but taking in the BNP vote too. (not sure if thats relevant , as BNP types tend to migrate from Labour).

But in any case , the total is 40 seats:



Anonymous said...

I cannot have a dig at the principled approach by UKIP voters.

Hestletine, Clarke let their Euro obsession stop them becoming prime minister of this country.

The conservatives have tore themselves apart ever since they knifed thatcher over Europe.

Still no referendum! I am not reading the script obviously - Dave had plenty of time to offer a referendum to UKIP voters, he declined and he nearly joined Hestletine and Clarke as a 'nearly man' all for the love of Europe.

If the conservatives would lance this boil they would be a force to be reckoned with.

Also Cameron's A list flopped badly, so Dave has to take a fair share of the blame here.

Fagged @ Eton said...

How do you think those UKIP voters feel about Dave cuddling up with euro-fanatic Nick?


UKIP has foiled a Tory victory in Somerton & Frome the last 4 elections. Trouble is the LibDim has doubled his majority every time and it now stands at 1,600. Thanks UKIP.

Anonymous said...

I think any blame for not getting a simple majority should be rested firmly at the door of your leader and his Pro EU stance.
To blame UKIP for offering the public what they want is laughable.
You guys backed out of offering the UK a referendum on the EU and therefore you really cannot say Jack Sh*t!
Personally if the Cons had offered a EU referendum I would have voted for you. You didn't offer anything and therefore I voted UKIP.
I do not care that the Cons did not get in because to me they are just a Blue version of Labour.

Anonymous said...

Er, entry into the EEC, Maastricht...

Under which party's governance?

Oh, yes...

cjcjc said...

We want Balls around.
The Labour infighting will be so much more entertaining...


"I hope they're pleased with themselves."
As someone who stood for UKIP, YES I bloody well am, thank you.


Cameron has only himself (and Scotland of course) to blame for failing to gain a majority. If he had agreed to a referendum on EU membership, UKIP would have stood aside and Cameron would have sat in no. 10 on Friday - without Persil Clegg at his side.

Blame the useless bunch of Europhiles in the Tory party who would rather miss out on a majority than give the public some democracy for once.

Greg said...

I was there at the Morley count and to see that beaming, doddering fool of a UKIP candidate deprive Calvert of victory over Balls is particularity galling.
When will UKIP people put aside their moral vanity and get real. They don't have a snowballs hell in chance of winning. They would be much more effective as a pressure group within the Conservative Party

John Moorcraft

Its one of those interesting assumptions made by the political chattering classes that simply has no grounding in empirical reality. Perhaps someone would like to show me the comprehensive research that has been undertaken which proves UKIP voters are Conservatives voting in principled opposition to the European Union.

In reality, UKIP voting is in fact a more complex phenomenon then is often suggested by those Conservatives who themselves are usually ardent eurosceptics.......

Anonymous said...

I do not just blame the tories on the whole EU saga - ALL PARTIES have been undemocratic on this issue.

Sadly I thought Cameron was different - he is not.

How can the political class of this country keep signing away power. It is OUR power it is not theirs to sign away like this. Shame on them ALL!!

Faceless Bureaucrat

Well, since we are in a period of 'doing deals' and in the event of another GE having to be called, perhaps Nigel Farage should do a deal with Cameron saying that UKIP will not put up any candidates AT ALL next time around.

In return, Cameron could offer him a role inside the Conservative Party (via a safe seat?). UKIP were always a 'one man' Party and under Lord Pearson's leadership they have degenerated in utter farce.

After all, the best way to neutralise a maverick is to bring them into the tent (remember Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott etc.).


Anonymous said...

could someone please tell me what europe is for anyway? -

S. Weasel

The one person I know for sure voted UKIP (not me; I'm a foreigner and don't have a vote) loathes Cameron and his nuTory party. So, actually...yes. He's very pleased with himself.

Jodi said...

I thought the I in UKIP stood for "Independence" not "Imbecile"

Thanks to UKIP's inability to put aside their squabbling about the EU, which in the face of all our problems is not all that important, we're stuck with a LibLab or LibCon pact.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Bear,

We had nothing better to do with our afternoon, so we made this to express our feelings about the labour leadership election

Ahhhh bless this brightened up our day (we aren't pros by any means)

Rog said...

What really hacks me off is that the Conservatives have offered a referendum to the utter failure/nobody LibDems (on PR), yet have reneged on the "cast-iron" pledge to give us a referendum on our relationship with the EU. (Please no "lisbon/not-Lisbon" hair-splitting).

I'm probably a "natural" Tory voter, but as it stands, I'll bloody well vote UKIP again at the next election unless Dave or his replacement finally deliver the referendum that matters.

Sod it. Principle and country before party from now on.

His Grace the Earl of Glamorgan said...

I worked at Hampstead and Kilburn, I can't blame those 41 missed votes on UKIP, but rather 41 people who couldn't be arsed to turn out.

Jodi said...

@Rog: The "cast iron" pledge was pretty obviously for before Lisbon was ratified, which it now is. He could hold a referendum on it, but it will mean sod all.

Rog said...

@Jodi: the original meaning of the pledge - and certainly the impression that was deliberately transmitted to the electorate was that of basically a referendum on our relationship with the EU construct.

Funny how we can have a referendum on PR (which only the smallest of the 3 main parties wanted) but not on the EU (wanted by most of the electorate and promised by all 3 parties).

Of course one referendum gives CamClegg power. The other merely gives us the electorate a say.

Still, if that's the way they want it, then I at least will vote FOR PR, and then for annoying minority parties ever after. The big 3 won't ever see my vote again, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same.

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