Friday, 23 July 2010

CF - News in Briefs

As you may have guest TB doesn't quite have the time to blog here like he used to. However in loyalty to those who have been readers from the beginning he is keeping an eye on the growing Tory-bun fight that is brewing over the internal Conservative Future elections. Without time to write vast analysis he will be trying each day to do a News in Briefs about the campaign. If you have any ideas for a good quick forty word hit, then do ping him an email.

Had to start somewhere...


Anonymous said...

As ever, great to see Tory bear fighting hate with humour. I think with Howletts views he is making Maghri look left wing.

Fred said...

Anon - The problem is Howlett doesn't have any views - if he genuinely believed what he said last night then he wouldn't be in the Conservative Party.

This is his main problem. His idea of 'consulting with the membership' to 'get their views' simply a smoke-screen to hide the fact that he believes in nothing except reaching high office.

Simon Harley

Yo, Bear (to paraphrase good ol' Bush). Whatever happened to al-Megrahi watch and your fabulous green-screen trips to Libya?

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