Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Ben Howlett launched his website this morning:

He's also managed to pick up backing of CF stalwart and once blogger
Caroline Hunt
. Check out his site


Anonymous said...

Dear Tory Bear,

I think that (insert candidate's name) is a (insert expletive).

I would much rather have (insert other candidates's name) as Chairman of CF.

Yours Sincerely,

Generic Anonymous Commentator (aka the other Candidate)

Anonymous said...

Has Howler secured an endorsement from Martin McGuinness?

Anonymous said...

Dear Tory Bear,

I thank that (insert candidates's name) is a (insert expletive)

I would much rather have somebody credible as CF Chair. Although find it amusing that every time a negative comment appears on a website, (insert name of Candidate) and his close personal friend Gerry Adams, accuse all other Candidate's of doing so.

The simple fact that (removed) assumes that nobody dislikes him, unless it's co-ordinated shows that he is a numpty.

We would like to ask him to stop making stupid statements and comments on a continual basis.

Yours Faithfully,

Conservative Future Members everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Howzat! Out!!!!!!!! I would say, middle wicket.

Fred said...

If I may I'd actually like to make a serious comment a minute...

The website is well designed and professional looking but its content suffers from a lack of substance. There are various vague promises, like "creating a modern CF" (whatever that means), with little explanation as to how he will achieve them.

He seems to think he can win votes just on style and empty platitudes. It will backfire when people realise how vacuous and self-aggrandising his campaign has been.

We need substance, not style!

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