Wednesday, 7 July 2010

PMQs Thoughts - Hypocritical Harman and Boorish Bercow

A strange mood at PMQs today, the leaders were actually quite funny and it was a much less stilted performance from Harman than usual. For a second TB thought that the honourable members had actually listened to Bercow and were chilling out a bit. Harman pulled off the joke about partners and mothers well but Dave was quick on the come back with the CND dig. Harman should know the rules state you leave the mothers out of arguments though.

Although it was clearly a joke, Harman continues to insinuate that Clegg and Cameron are in a gay relationship with her "partner" comparisons. Yes everyone has made the same joke, but this is Ms Political Correctness we are talking about. Imagine is someone made a joke about Harman being a lesbian, there would be outrage from not only her but her army of puppeting drones who weigh in whenever anyone dares to criticise. TB's beef is not with the joke but Harman's hypocrisy.

The good humour couldn't last for long though. The last few Harman questions were back to the more heated exchanges we know and love. Bercow had the audacity to tell the Prime Minister to shut up before he answered a question. He was quick to to defend the PM later, on more than on occasion, seeming like he was trying to make up for overstepping the mark.

The Speaker is on thin ice, he is a servant of the House not a leader. He should not be preaching outside of the House about how members should behave, it is completely outside his rightly limited and focused mandate. He is damaging his authority, a fatal flaw in a Speaker. He wont be able to stay for long if he is pushes his luck too far.

A few interesting questions from the Backbenches, but after a good opening ten minutes, it all tailed off rather.

Dave 4 Bercow 0 Harman 4 



You thought she pulled off the joke about mothers and partners? Personally I thought it was the most lamentable attempt at humour I've heard in a long time.

Faceless Bureaucrat

Why on earth did Dave allow Bercowitz to stand unopposed?

Surely he and Clegg could have agreed on an acceptable alternative instead of subjecting us to this pompous arse?



They are all amateurs

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