Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hi, My name is Martha and I'm one of readers.

I'd like to thank you for the excellent information I've found
on, it's one of my favorite readings on the web.

I live in Globe, Arizona where I have the passion to share
with family and friends some tips to increase awareness on
healthy eating and its impact on the environment.

I figured you might be interested in including a guest article
for about a new research from the United Nations (UN) that
suggests a correlation between climate change and meat consumption.

Article in form of a little guide with a sample vegetarian recipe
to help your readers experiencing with this topic and perhaps
discuss the topic at hand.

Please, take a minute to consider this; it would be a pleasure
and honor to contribute!

With your support we can educate the public about the dangers of
excessive meat consumption and hopefully contribute save our environment.

Either way, thanks for reading and keep posting your excellent
information on

Hope you a good week.
Martha Volz



Kristofer Keane

Well, that's reading between the lines for you. We all know that deep down you're an organic muesli-eating, sandal-wearing, Guardian-reading eco-hipster. =P

Billy Blofeld

I guess this bint is banging on about methane from cow farts.

OK so methane has increased sharply in the atmosphere over the last 200 years, however, over recent years the increase has slowed.

Having said that - does Mrs Bint have a clue. Methane is merely a trace gas measured in "parts per billion".

Water vapour dominates the greenhouse effect on Earth, mainly due to it's abundance.

Anonymous said...

I have a climate change reduction idea, stop Ben Howlett from pointless car journeys. Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

I think he usually travels by train.

Timothy Jenkins said...

Farmers have an important role to play in land management and protecting the environment. A strong rural economy also creates community cohesion and employment. By rearing meat locally it is easier to account for quality and standards.

farmers and meat production are not the problem but part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

In truth there is a bigger problem than methane from cow’s flatulence. It is the production of feed for the animals, which helps them mature so they can then be slaughtered. I read the other day that if everyone became vegetarian and therefore, there was no commercial meat production there would be 30 times the amount of grain and cereal crops available for human consumption. However I love my steak and wouldn’t give it up for anything. I wonder if Ben will now propose that all CF members become vegetarian to off set his campaigns carbon footprint??? Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, love.


If you read the UN IPCC report on climate change, it mentions it is 90% certain earth has heated 0.3°C in the last 100 years due to AGW, so crap knows why eating cows would change things.

I did however see some lovely details on how we may have to compost dead people and only eat vegetables for food in 2100 with the current growth - LOVELY.

David Morris

Welcome to the internet and the wide variety of spam that it offers.


I believe she was looking for, aka or

Uncle Bob

Surely this means we should eat more cows to get rid of this methane? To the Barbecue!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, that is fucking hilarious. Clearly she hasnt read your blog and clearly shes part of the same reactionary, romantic, anti-modern, counter-enlightenment pile of shit movement that wants us all to feel bad about being modern and having stuff. I tell ye, we're more fucked if people like her get into positions of power to control or infect the modern mind with such anti-human and anti-modern guff than any type of climate change!

Anonymous said...

What is more interesting than her flatulent content is the strange tortured English. I would expect most people in Globe Arizona to be either English or Spanish speakers. She seems to be neither. look at 'Please, take a minute to consider this; it would be a pleasure...'. I've forgotten my TEFL skills but I would guess Turkish or Arabic or some such. There is a lack of definite articles as well which goes with that.

the exasperated oilephant said...

oh yeah cuz scietists is all lying me i know bests cos having no science qualifications is best to make sarcastic arrogant noise

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