Thursday, 19 August 2010

Labour Lackies Leap to Lines

Yes TB is meant to be on holiday but while having a cursory look over Google Reader he did have to chuckle when he read the same story on two of Labour's leading blogs published just minutes apart.

During the election, the left made a huge hoo haa about coordinated attacks from the right and suggested that just because Tory bloggers had a beer together meant that it was all a big right-wing inside conspiracy and we all took orders from CCHQ. Which is bollocks, and why half of them don't return TB's calls anymore.

Over the last few weeks its becoming increasingly clear that the left are guilty of the very thing the riled against. Look at what

Political Scrapbook
had to say a moment ago, quickly followed by
Tom Harris
, (a man TB thought above following zee orders):
Coincidence? Perhaps, but given it happens so often, TB would be intrigued to see that email (with the link to the
PR Week story
they have both cribbed) that inevitably floated around the lefties...
 Any minute now Left Foot Forward will claim the scoop.


Anonymous said...

I thought Tom Watson was too busy putting the knife into Blair.


Now, now, play fair! :P

Speaking of Mr Pickles:

No austerity for Cabinet heavyweight Eric Pickles with new £70k Jaguar XJ

Austerity, austerity, austerity...


Hate in any form is wrong, it show's how poor Ed Milliband's judgement is in allowing somebody like this to be close to them. Whilst there are strong argument's and sentiment's over the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, to hate Zionism on this basis show's that this individual has a limited understanding and no ability to reason.

This is coming from the party that runs the "Hope not hate" campaign, perhaps in Seph's case it should be "Hope to hate". This person should not be allowed anywhere near a mainstream Political party as they will only use the platform to preach hate and give pifflus defences.

Tom Harris

FWIW, I don't follow zee orders but I did see the story on PS Scrapbook, thought it was a good story and did my own version. No conspiracy, no collaboration. Now get back to your holiday, young man.

Tom Harris

Oh, and another thing... Anonymous (at 19.08 last night) - I'm Tom Harris, not Tom Watson.

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