Monday, 20 September 2010

CF Elects - TB's Endorsements

With just seven days to go, the only contest to be less exciting than the Labour leadership battle will finally draw to a close. Though it turns out TB is no longer a member of the Tories and thus illegible to vote (news to him but hey) he thought he would endorse a couple of candidates in the Conservative Future election. A bit like Sarah Palin without the money or the Jesus lovin'.

Firstly for Appointed Officer 

Patrick Sullivan
is easily the most qualified candidate. TB has known Patrick for years and he really does have the best interests of the Party at heart. A formidable presence on the CF scene, there are few out there who have given up more time and personal contributions to various by-election and local campaigns. This video also tickled TB:

Secondly CF Wales isn't the most exciting of organisations but it is under threat of being taken over by a Tory Reform Group loon who
an increase in public spending and describes those attempting to save public money as "dicks". The sooner Zahid Raja wakes up and realises he is in the wrong party the better. These quasi-socialist NUS NIMBYs need to be kept as far away from the Tory greasy poll as possible.
Grant Tucker
is your man for Wales. TB met him down at Spring Forum and he's a good guy. Unlike his opponent who has more in common with Ed Balls than any Tory...
Deputy Chairman (Political) is an easy one. Loyal readers will know TB has always had a soft spot for
Alexandra Swann
and who wouldn't want her leading a protest...

As for DC (Membership) TB is somewhat torn. Hampsheir is a top lad, 
Oliver Cooper
is a sound man, very sound, but then
Clare Hilley
has been a member of CF for the best part of a decade and proved time and again her ability at organising London based campaigns. TB doesn't understand why the libertarian ideologue Cooper isn't standing for the Political role which would suit him much better and he would easily win. Clare and TB have had their differences over the last year or so, but there is no doubting she is the best candidate for this particular job, and that slogan was always going to come in useful one day... Don't be silly, vote for Hilley.

And as for Chairman.. well you'll have to wait and see about that one.

A full list of candidates standing can be found


Anonymous said...

Sound endorsements!

Just make sure you dont endorse Howlett. His campaign has more Nazi connotations than the Pope.

Anonymous said...

Go TB.

Anonymous said...

Please don't endorse Ben Howlett. You're our last hope.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Whoa, cool your jets. What has the TRG got to do with this plonker Zahid Raja?

Anonymous said...

Howlett will bring a socialist voice to CF that will appeal to many students and de-toxify the CF brand.

Anonymous said...

"Howlett will bring a socialist voice to CF" Haha I hope that's an ironic endorsement! Making the party appear socialist just to appeal to students will completely defeat the purpose of its existence!

Anonymous said...

"illegible to vote" what...?

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