Sunday, 5 September 2010

SCJ Statement: Slams Howlett

In short.. "New job, no time, Ben played dirty, I like Cox"

Long version:

"Over the past few weeks I have been contemplating withdrawing from the race for CF Chairman. Sadly this is not due to any scandal or interesting revelations in my private life, but due to my starting a new job with a Hedge Fund. Unfortunately this role will mean I have less time available to be involved in political activity. As such I feel the only appropriate thing for me to do is withdraw from the race.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped with my campaign and supporter's, who have shown that CF is in rude health and with the right leadership can only prosper. My sole aim in running was to continue the good work of Michael Rock and see CF develop into a proper organisation, one with unity, purpose and above all a sense of fun.

I will not be seeking any role with the new administration, but I like all true Conservatives do care about the Party and its future. For that reason alone I am backing the only candidate in this race who has proven he has the skills, maturity and strength of character to assume the mantle. That candidate is Craig Cox.

We need a Chairman with the right values, the right sense of direction and somebody with a sense of fun. CF is a Volunteer organisation, it depend's on hard working individuals on the ground not just a central executive. The executive should exist to focus on national issues such as funding, proper communications, training and national events. We can not afford to pander to the pointless bureaucracy advocated by the Howlett camp. CF needs focus and this can only be delivered by Craig Cox.

One of the biggest factor's in my support of Craig is his strength of character. During this campaign, Craig has behaved like a true gent, he has been honest and respectful to all comers. I will not say too much about the other candidate, but I do not believe he has the strength of character or integrity to lead.

I am proud to say that East Midlands and Yorkshire CF are moving across to back Craig, and I urge anybody who was supporting me to do the same."
All to play for...


Anonymous said...

Howlett has been the dirtiest player in a CF election for year's.

Anonymous said...

Our local branch chair is too scared to get involved because of Howlett's LGBT Mafia threat's, they have threatened to take him out if he support's anybody but Ben, it's a disgrace.

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