Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Educaton Educaton Educaton II

There are few things more likely to get TB out of his awful blogging lull than a chance to take the piss out of his old student union. Once again Edinburgh University Student Association, or EUSA to their friends, have excelled themselves in their fightback against the machine.

Those evil ConDems are threatening to raise tuition fees. The comrades are being called to arms to fight these evil education cuts. Put perhaps the hacks should spend more time in the library than stabbing each other in the back for their quest up the greasy poll and attempts to find a safe Labour seat or Green Party candidacy:

If ever there was proof the 50% target was too high. Labour would be proud after their similar mare.


Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs

Class! :)


free hiher educaton for al!


I bet Molesworth is spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

look at the spelling of "demonstration" as well...

Anonymous said...

Educaton turns up a worrying 164 000 on google and some of those turning up!!!!

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