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Friday, 15 January 2010

Chilcot: The Guilty Men

Apologies for the lack of blogging - TB has been a busy bear. Meanwhile the pressure for Gordon to appear before Chilcot is growing. Not only did Clegg pound Brown on it at PMQs on Wednesday, but on last night's Question Time Peter Hain got utterly destroyed by an audience that smelt blood and cornered the Orange Crusader over the run up to the war. Hain fluffed the pre-rehearsed lines and the first twenty minutes of the show was real
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. A commenter wrote the other day:
The Chilcot inquiry thing is gaining ground - even on the Guardian website where they have a poll.. Well worth a look, to bump up the numbers to '90% of Guardian readers' wanting him to appear before the election? Sounds unlikely ? You think he could never be that stupid ? Wait until you see Tony Blair 'blamestorming' all over him and then see his temper rise and the need for revenge trumps the risks which such an encounter, and the accusation of flip-flopping, could cause.

Mark my words, he will be heading to the Queen Elizabeth the Second Conference Centre to sing like a canary before the election before getting himself up to his neck in the brown stuff..
TB is inclined to agree. The pressure needs to be increased. The public have the right to witness the thought process of the man that bankrolled the war before they cast their votes.