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Friday, 12 December 2008

Liberal Idiocy.

Thank you to the person who highlighted this

absurd post
on Liberal Conspiracy by Sunny Hundal. Apparently we should be dancing and rejoicing in the streets at the falling pound.  Tory Bear has often thought Mr Hundal to be a somewhat deluded chap and here is the evidence. Apparently "Anyone with half an economic brain can tell you that a sinking currency during a recession is a good thing because it makes our exports cheaper. Inflation isn’t a worry right now, deflation is. So a falling pound should be celebrated, not used as an economic football when you have nothing intelligent to say, Osborne."
Maybe Mr Hundal should take a moment out of his no doubt busy schedule to pay a visit, or even pick up the phone to one of the thousands of British companies that rely on imports before declaring the nation should be dancing. Maybe this obnoxious opinion would be some what altered by a moments thought for the managers and workers of those companies and how they are feeling knowing they could be out of a job by Christmas.  
Mr Hundal's comment is either deluded at best of damn right cold and callous at worst.