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Friday, 3 July 2009

Bear with a sore head...

Although TB is having trouble focusing today and wondering why nobody has invented intravenous Diet Coke, the pain was worth it. TB had a cracking time at The Spectator party last night and then partied the night away with Sister Bear. Productivity hasn't exactly been high today.

It was great to finally meet lots of faces TB has been in contact with over the last year or so, as well as catch up with various heroes. Won't bore you all with all the details but there were some definite highlights:

The offer to Iain Martin of the chance to take the
style Telegraph-to-blogosphere route with the co-editorship of this blog was sadly rejected.

Mark Clarke got away with turning up in a t-shirt purely for it's greatness - Che style with "Freedom for Tooting" on it.

TB was well chuffed to have a chat with long time tabloid hero slash worldwide celebrity Piers Morgan who wouldn't deny he had considered returning to the fold by editing The Sun. Can't see it happening though, sadly. Also had some great banter with James Delingpole, who yes, TB can confirm, really is that sound.

The Stanley and Boris Johnson double act was as hilarious as ever, though sadly the whole party was curtailed by some fierce looking bouncers at a very early hour!

Watching Guido chatting away with Michael White was also particularly amusing given their extremely strong words thrown at each other over at
Comment is Free
just that afternoon. Talking of White, a fellow party goer was most impressed by the fact TB could, quote "piss and text at the same time". A voice, that sounded remarkably similar to dear old Sir Michael's, piped up from the cubical "I can't do either..."

Will be taking it easy this weekend.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

There's no I in Twitter

Putting Nick “what about my access” Robinson, The Guardian's chief sleaze apologist Michael White, and their arch rival Guido Fawkes on the same stage was never going to be pretty. It was a gamble that clearly paid off though for

. The political consultants hosted last night’s packed debate in the Grand Committee Room about whether the internet is the corrupter or saviour of democracy. After this lot once battled on Newsnight a few years back, there were old scores to settle.
Though people who wished for in depth chat about address harvesting and Obama type fundraising were grumbling, those there to see some of the most powerful political voices outside of Parliament spar did not leave disappointed. Guido went on the attack from his opening gambit and left a rattled White and Robinson having to resort to irritating liberal elite-esque sarcasm in an attempt to bat away criticism that had clearly hit a raw nerve.

The argument for the internet was greatly aided by the jumbo Twitter screen at the side of the stage which let the world
take part
in the event. Michael White’s somewhat Luddite performance was greatly aided in terms of comedy by the quick thinking anonymous tweeter who managed to crack the room up with
his message
for Michael on the screen.

Let’s just say it was twit with an “a”, not an “i”.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

TB has a rather sore head after last night but some how managed to
file this to the Standard
from his phone:

• WHICH Cabinet minister would be brave enough to pitch up to the IPPR 21st birthday party/summer gig on the panoramic top floor of Centrepoint last night? Blair’s “favourite think tank” announced in the Sunday papers that it believed New Labour was dead. So Labour wonks were waiting with bated breath for the arrival of a promised cabinet minister. It was very bold of Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw to show up.

Ben didn't hit the dancefloor sadly. TB did, apparently there are photos. Oh dear.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Having spent four years in the northern wilderness, TB has been waiting a while to hit the London party scene again. He will be reporting back and as the story below from today's

Standard diary
shows, some of these reports might not necessarily surface here first:
The Little Blue Book will become a regular feature... If you want TB to come to your event, party, lash up etc then get in touch.