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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sam sees the light...

All sorts of rumours flying out of Devon and Cornwall today but one watertight story is that Sam Farage, son of Nigel, the leader of UKIP has recently renewed his membership of the Conservative Party.

Should make for an interesting European election campaign next spring for the Farage family...

Saturday, 12 July 2008

I'm Spartacus!

Ok so TB is lying in bed contemplating never drinking again... while doing so having a good old youtube session. Found these absolutely hilarious Farage Fury! clips... TB was lucky enough to have dinner with the UKIP leader a couple of years ago and can't help thinking once again what a shame it is that he is not a Conservative MEP. Ok so the man is a loose cannon and would be a hell of a liability but he is a legend and has the balls to yell his head off at the President of France, or Blair, or anyone else who stands in his path.

Watch how he lays into Sarkozy:

and the first ninety seconds of this are pure comedy gold: