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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Beige vs. Scurvy Steve

This email from the enigmatically named "Hidden Pride" pinged into TB's inbox a couple of hours ago:

Your survey has a flaw. It can be taken over and over again from the same computer/IP so Steve "For Britain" Rickets can big himself up an awful lot!


OK so nothing new in TB receiving a bitchy email about one of the elected Conservative Future officials or the like, but something about this one made TB check out the finer details of the IP address of the sender... 

Wait let's have a closer look... 

Surely not?

Would that be 
Isn't that the host email account for 
Owen "
for Everyone, Aspiration for All
" Meredith how could you?

Shamelessly slagging off your fellow elected officials... tut tut.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Working Strife

"There will be no Working Life conference this year. We will be looking to hold events later in the year, but the cost and lack of interest in working life conference last year, means we are not going ahead this year.
However, we will be ‘re-launching’ Working Life shortly. The question is, what exactly we will be re-launching? That is where you come in. I firmly believe CF is at its best when we operate as a member led organisation, so I will be taking my led on Working Life from you - the members" writes Owen Meredith on the
NME blog

Over the last year the rumour-mill has generating all sorts of banter about last year's
cancelled conference.
Senior officials claimed to the incoming NME that that Party lost "thousands" through the cancellation, but TB has been talking to a source close to the former Chairman who has shed some light on the matter- "...there was literally zero support from CCHQ for the entire time I was on the exec." The conference was cancelled at a cost of £600 due to the fact that despite an impressive range of speakers, only eleven people applied. ("
There are still some places left!
" haha!)

TB's source said "I thought that Karen [Allen] and her team did a great job and had they had even the slightest bit of support from CCHQ they would have delivered but the fact is that CCHQ don't want to know about young professionals unless they are in donor clubs"

It is reassuring to know that the the web address
is clearly still owned by Conservative Future however the main reasoning behind this post was a call to arms more than anything. Member retention after university and increasing membership of those aged 25 to 30 is a vital part of CF's role. Something has to be done.

Owen's post gives more than a smack of desperation.

If you feel you can help, why not get
in touch
? Whatever the reasons for lasts years cock-up - and it doesn't strike TB as a lack of effort, the same mistakes can not be made again. TB fired off some emails on this subject and the response from those who should be keen Working Life members was not exactly a resounding thumbs up;

"it's been 6 months since they started, I am a young professional in London and this is the first time I have heard from the NME on working life...and I bet I'm not the only one."

Let us not forget that Karen Allen failed to get re-elected to the NME after taking the poisoned Working Life chalice, having previously topped the ballot.

Better pull your finger out Owen, you were 33 votes from the top...