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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Yes this is a post about London. Wanna fight about it?

There are those that say CF is too "London-centric"* and then there are those in London that say CF is to CLWCF-centric! The flagship branch of City of London and Westminster have recently held their "elections". As
tBg has printed in full
, Ed Hallam (Deputy National Campaigns Director) has been duly elected Chair. The branch is famous for its Star Socials and excellent communication with its members, the website proudly boasts "Facebook has revolutionised our entire approach to campaigning and organisation. All of our events are announced through Facebook"

Oh really?

TB has been contacted by some members of CLWCF who missed out on one rather important recent meeting - the AGM! They claim they were given no notification of it taking place and TB can confirm there is no mention of it on Facebook!

TB got intouch with the new Chairman who was very helpful and seems like a rather nice bloke, he said all paid members were told about the AGM by post and given nomination forms.

Came as no surprise to TB's disgruntled CFers though that "All positions were unopposed"

* (TB also understands that there are those out there who moan that this blog is too London-centric. For the record - pipe down! If TB lived in Bangor it would be Bangor-centric. What a ridiculous complaint to make.)