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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Claws Out for Miaow

Once the laughter at watching politicians trying to say "miaow miaow" with a straight face subsided, this morning's news becomes less funny. Both the government and Grayling have come down heavily on the currently legal drug mephadrone. Following the sad death of two teenagers, who were reportedly mixing the drug with heavy drinking, both parties have promised to ban a substance they openly admitted they had only just heard of today.
The Tories had the chance to redeem themselves for their science-denying backing of the government over the sacking of Professor Nutt, but have fallen back into old authoritarian ways. Incidentally Nutt acknowledges these new designer drugs cant be stopped and should instead be produced to pharmaceutical quality for peoples safety.
Given they knew nothing of something this morning, the fact the government could move so quickly and so determinedly is quite chilling. What ever happened to a considered decision based on evidence and research? Mandelson says he will look into the drug speedily. 

Monday, 1 December 2008

Blue rosettes and DJ sets II

Tory Bear will be going on Edinburgh radio this Wednesday evening to discuss dance music and its relationship with politics. He will put the link up to listen in live and try get a podcast of the interview. Although he has lots to say on the subject he is a little stuck on ideas of which tracks to choose.

Apart from this epic track, what other songs could/should he play?