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Saturday, 19 December 2009

James Macintyre Wins a Pulitzer

he screamed out, but once again one of James Macintyre's stories has unravelled quicker than he could say "I didn't have sex with Derek Draper." Real grown up journo Macintyre is a little bit chuffed that he got hold of an advance copy of the menu choices that were emailed to attendees of last week's tory bloggers lunch that TB covered here. Sadly for the thirsty hack that was about the closest he got to a bit of detail.
Where to start? Well there certainly weren't thirty people there, Pickles definitely wasn't as TB would have had to hide under the table if he had been. Oh sod it - Shane and Keep Right Online have both said it all already. See their comprehensive rebuttals
. And if that wasn't enough checkout the comments underneath Macintyre's
original piece
from Tory Rascal, Louise Bagshaw, Donal Blaney and CCHQ's Sam Coates - all of whom were there.

Lastly a confession - Membersnet was mentioned, by TB. He was taking the piss out of it to the person sitting to his left.