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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tory Bear laid bare

The last 24 hours has seen quite the flurry of activity at ToryBear HQ...

My inbox has been pinging nonstop with emails that range from support, to inquisitive "who are you!?" and then of course there is the standard damn right abuse.

And nice try to that ever ambitious bonnie lass who had a crack at tracing my IP address..

On this note I want to clear up a few things:

Firstly I am not John Moorcraft haha, nor am I on the Exec - I am a small blue teddy bear who likes to cuddle DC- the picture is a dead give away.

Secondly Tory Bear has no malicious intentions. It is my firm believe that CF has been over run by too many greased up little piglets who take themselves far too seriously and it is my number one goal to inject a sense of humour into the organisation.

Thirdly Tory Bear is not looking to create divisions or snipe from the side lines. I am an active CFer and have the best interests of the organisation at heart. At the same time there are some serious flaws that need to be highlighted and in order to protect the debate that I hope will emerge on this site, I will not be revealing my identity so not open myself to allegations of being part of this or that clique, or supporting this faction or that etc.

I hope this has cleared a few things up and that you enjoy the site... I will be publishing the first swath of results soon.