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Monday, 3 November 2008

The end is nigh...

Apologies for the lack of blogging in the last few days - TB has been busy with essays. Business resumes tomorrow with liveblogging throughout election night.

Tory Bear suggests that you check out the new
website and blog if you haven't already done so. Details of their upcoming conference can be found there. The world is going to be a very different place on Wednesday morning and groups like students4freedom are precisely what is going to be needed to defend against the rise of the new left. While it may start in America, don't forget for one second that Brown will try get as much of the Obama stardust to rub off on him as he can.

If you still think President Obama is a good idea then TB suggests you take a peek at this Samizdata

"Obama is a cipher. He is like a Russian matryoshka doll. Nobody except perhaps his closest associates know what is at the core. The best estimate is to look at his friends and mentors and what their values are. That topic has been thoroughly discussed and some reasonable people place him solidly in a group of hard core totalitarians. If we ignore his promises shifting like smoke on the wind, his closest core group seems to be fired by hatred and revenge against America in general and the US Constitution in particular. Certainly that is what his confidants and advisers (and wife) say in public."

"...already 43% of American 'tax payers' pay no taxes. We are getting dangerously close
to the point where the people who net more off of government outnumber the people who pay more into it. If we cross that threshold of voters taking versus voters paying, it is a point of no return. It appears certain that we will pass that point early in an Obama administration."

This election has been going on so long it is hard to remember what watching the news or blogging was like without it. After the mammoth primary season scores of big names have fallen by the wayside - careers and dreams shattered and billions of dollars poured in to the worlds most elaborate smoke and mirrors. Our elections pale in comparison to the excitement and depth of a US race and although TB fully expects to be drowning his sorrows come about 5am when the Mac finally throws in the towel (and Mrs Palin is sent back from whence she came,) it's been one hell of a ride...

The only comfort left is that great quote from his RNC nomination speech, is their a glimmer of hope?

"Nothing is inevitable here, we're Americans, we never give up, we never quit. We never hide from history -we make history. Stand up and fight"