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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Spam of the day...

Seems to be the
done thing
today so Tory Bear thought he would share possibly the most ridiculous email he has received in quite a while. The fact it was sent at 3am adds to the fantastic tin foil hat aspects of this message:

Dear Future Conservative,
Unless the Labour Government opens the floodgates
to unlimited immigration, and then passes a bill giving
the vote to everybody, immigrants, legal and illegal, criminals
etc., future Labour Governments and the Labour Party will
be finished. Finished by inexplicable policies: data retentation,
id cards, surveillance, false flag operations, 42 days detention,
immigration, RIPA, and the whole new police state apparatus etc.
The reason for these inexplicable policies is that Labour is con-
trolled by a small but very but a very powerful entity, whose is
wealth is in the Trillions. Their aim, like other powerful entities
through the Millennia, to form a one World government with an
intermediate step of three World governments: The EU, The
Western Hemisphere and the Pacific Rim.
After the next general election David Cameron will be the Prime
Minister. However Cameron has launched no major attack on
Labour's inexplicable policies, just on minor ones.....
despite the fact that Cameron has shown himself to be boor in
his attack on Gordon Brown ("Will you look me in the
eye....") and thus would be willing to energetically attack all the
inexplicable Labour policies. But he has not. The reason is that
he is not allowed to by the above mentioned Entity, which also
controls the Conservative party as well as the media and other
important organisations. So it is almost certain that Cameron
will carry on the same inexplicable policies that Labour has pla-
nned. We can expect the demise of the Labour Party and the
Conservative Party too, destroyed by the controlling entity. It
seems dreadful waste of two parties, but then they both will be
moot as they will be replaced by the carefully prepared police
state so that we can prevented from rebelling against the new
totalitarian state.
It is suggested that the answer to what should be done would
be the formation of a shadow parliament. It is further sugg-
ested that the Conservatives in the shadow parliament be chosen
by, and represent, ordinary Conservatives such as small to med-
ium businessmen, professionals, farmers etc. There is quite a
division between the Establishment and small to medium busi-
nesses. For example, the strength of the Pound, interest rat-
es, regulations etc. The reformed parties that would belong to
shadow parliament could be formed in the following way: form
new political associations, once formed, the associations should
advertise for applicants for the postions of MP, then use rigor-
ous tests, including, most importantly, psychological evaluation.
then the associations will get an MP who is honest, capable and
loyal to his constituents. The shadow parliament could 1) ad-
vise the present Parliament 2) pressure or lobby the present
parliament 3) replace the present Parliament in case of social
or political disntegration of the United Kingdom. 4) provide
candidates for the next Parliamentary election. for more inform-
ation, see: , art. no. 1.
Damian Green MP was arrested, and his arrest turned to a major
embarrasment to the Labour Government. Knowledge of the
controlling entity suggests that the Labour leaders knew before
hand about the embarrasment, did caused the arrest to diminish
the sovereignty of Parliament.
Here is an organisation to frighten the wits out of you: Common
Brian Gerrish is conducting a heroic campaign
to expose Common Purpose
If you are interested in details of the controlling entity, see article
no. 21 in the above website.
Comments, criticism welcome, questions answered.
John A. Newell


This is even funnier than the copyright infringement threat TB just got from Lily's friends, what are you going to do sue me?