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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

New CF website under development...

TB has heard that Conservative Future will finally get a new website that is currently under construction. For months now the good aspects of the

executive blog
have far exceeded the poor official

The site needs to be updated reguarly, not only with news but pictures, video and interactive content too. And please no more pictures like this...
Anyone going to the current official CF site can't be blamed for saying no thanks...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Apologies for the lack of posts, going to be a light week as TB is all over the place. It's annoying when websites aren't updated isn't it? Given the fact that Tory Bear hasn't exactly been given his blog much attention in the last few days this point might be a bit cheeky, but has anyone else noticed the shocking state of

The last update specifically about CF was from mid-April and anything that has subsequently been put up has just been pinched from Webcameron on

What is the point?

CF Executive blog
on the other hand is updated regularly and is a very welcome addition. It's professional, sensible and on message. If it is CF news you are after or information about what is going on nationally then the Exec blog is where you will find it. But again what is the point if it's not linked directly from the main site? Any young person interested in joining Conservative Future will simply stick that into Google and of course the first thing to come up is the .com site. The Exec blog comes up half way through page two behind countless local branch websites and eminent blogs about teddy bears. It's all very well maintaining a useful tool like the exec blog but it's a waste of time if no one knows it exists or can get to it easily and quickly.

TB has it on good authority that his daily hits are far higher than and the Exec blog put together. Here's an idea you can have for free- why not just redirect the .com address to the new blog and update it to include the resources available. It would take five minutes to do and make things a lot simpler, heck TB will even do it for you if you like?

TB can see absolutely no reason why this shouldn't be done, unless the exec aren't trusted to blog directly onto an official party page?

If that is the case, TB wonders which unelected, unaccountable coordinator thought that one up...