Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday roundup...

Today in a sentence... a long lie-in and freedom.

Hit the room service and didn't make it to lunch. Instead arose late and headed for the blogger love in with Dale, Dizzy, Guido and the Devil... and even Nadine Dorries. Was a great little celebration of the blogsphere and an interesting chat.

The next few hours are slightly blurry but the TB hit the pub before emerging yawning in time for Dave speaking the Scottish Tories and preparing to hear Billy Hague at the Conservative Future 10 year anniversary party...

Just warming up for it with a drink or two with Guido and errr.... cough.... Alex Hilton.

Interviewed him for TBtv... watch this space...

Quote of the day: Overheard at the social action project... "Please can I have the shadow cabinet timetable, what's the point of me being here if they're not?"

Haha wonder who that could be.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Alex bloody Hilton - WTF?

TB is drinking in a strictly non-complacent fashion in the main bar of the Conference hotel...

He choked on his white wine (strictly no champagne!) when
Alex Hilton
- editor of the
and the once slightly witty, now desperate
Recess Monkey
blog and now Labour candidate for Kensington and Chelsea.

What the hell is a Labour candidate and known Tory hater doing at our conference? Who the hell approved his pass? What the hell is this jumped up and slimy bastard doing here?

And also while we are dealing with the "media" whoever designed this years press passes have made a fundamental error as the only way to distinguish them from normal members passes is the 08 is yellow rather than blue.

Press passes should scream - I AM A HORRIBLE HACK, DO NOT TALK TO IF YOU ARE DRUNK.

TB predicts that more than one story will be born out of this fact. The hacks are out in force waiting to bring us down a peg or two.

Why make their job of tricking us any easier?

TB despairs.

The Future

TB has just got out of the Area Chairman reception that turned into an utter farce.

TB is blogging angry which is never good but hey. There was shouting, swearing and slagging off.

Good buffet though.

On a serious note though the reform debate descended into everything wrong with Labour and the NUS. It was a joke. If this is the future of the party then well... fuck.

Each candidate held their own but the crowd was baying for blood.

Very Labour Students.

TB 4 Freedom...

David Davis is smiling...

Is he up to something?

TB and the BBC

Having been on Radio5 this morning and now running into Nick Robinson...

... and Andrew Neil at lunch -

TB is beginning to feel a bit bad about laying into Justin Webb quite so harshly the other day...

Just hope the coverage is as charming...

+++TB the networker+++

Mr Gove was charming... As was Mr Pickles:

Just spotted the higher powers of the BBC lunching together...

Pictures to follow...

Saturday Conference roundup

TB has just got back from the YBF fringe event... a few too many pints for his early start tomorrow. 

Your Country needs you...

Haven't seen a nightclub so full with tories.. joking apart there really is a hell of a lot of young members here this year and pretty ones at that! This years Saturday night turnout puts the Blackpool Walkabout 2007 posse to shame. 

Was a busy day... Starting with early flight, TV training, seeing DC (video to follow!) and copious amounts of booze tonight...

Even ran into the ever charming Jonathon Isaby from the Telegraph and soon to be co-editor of ConservativeHome.

Up at six for Radio 5 interview.... ugh.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Radio ga ga

Tory Bear will be on Radio 5 Live tomorrow at 7am talking about Dave etc.

Live Blogging.

For the next few days TB will give you live updates from Conference...

Landed... Checked in....

Off to YBF/CF training day...

17:00 - Just heard speech from Douglas Carswell MP about his new book - "The Plan" 


Biased BBC

Here follows the live blog commentary from Justin Webb the BBC Washington correspondent. This man is meant to uphold some element of neutrality toward the GOP and Democrat candidates. However as the following blog posts reveal, Mr Webb can’t help but reveal his true political colours:

2010 BBC North America editor Justin Webb: When McCain said "I haven't been feeling too good recently" it certainly got my attention - but he meant about the country.

2012 Obama says "for years the reigning economic ideology has been what's good for Wall Street, not what's good for Main Street". Obama revives McCain's much-derided recent statement that the fundamentals of the American economy are sound.

2039 Another clash as Obama refers to Bush's "orgy of spending". He tries to hang McCain's congressional voting record, which he claims has been with Bush 90% of the time, as a political albatross around his opponent's neck and saying it proves he cannot bring change to Washington

This is the most appalling case of BBC bias TB has ever seen.

2042 BBC North America editor Justin Webb: Now Mr Obama is on the attack with the idea that Mr McCain is a Bush clone and must take responsibility for the Bush years. Mr McCain parries successfully with the fact - and it is a fact - that he and the president have not seen eye to eye on some pretty important questions. Stale. Boring.

2043 Obama says the first question on Iraq is whether they should have gone to war, he points out he opposed it six years ago at huge political risk to himself and says US hadn't finished the job in Afghanistan and caught Bin Laden when it went to war with Iraq

This man is inherently biased toward Obama and should resign.

+++update - the debate+++

So far Obama has said "John is right" - Twice!

Without his autocue and his screaming crowds, Barack Obama is all over the place. 

McCain is up....

Watch this space...

Update 02:38am: Obama just called McCain - "Jim!"     wtf?

+++Debate live+++

McCain: "the worst thing we can do is raise tax on anyone"


UPDATE: Obama is stuttering..."health errrrrrr credit" 

UPDATE: 02:25: 

McCain isn't the most articulate of chaps but is jumping through the hoops, hitting the mark.

nObama is talking about all "the good stuff" he is kind of doing.

New question... on the economy... ohhhhh.

+++The Debate+++

TB should really be in bed but is watching the Presidential debate live from the University of Mississippi..

It's been interesting so far... Obama hit, McCain stumped... 

Obama hit and then suddenly Johnny Mac got off the ropes... hit the humour and now Obama is muttering about numbers. McCain is going for the jugular on the pork barrel politics...

Stand up, Stand up, Stand up and fight....

BO looks pretty pissed.

Friday, 26 September 2008


TB is packing his bag and setting his alarm... early flight tomorrow. 

TBtv is ready to go and will be filming all through the week. 

Don't miss the party of conference - guest speaker Guido Fawkes Esq.

Last chance!

CF players feature in new Conservatives website...

The new
website has launched and includes the comedy
video wall

All the cool kids are there...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Health and Safety halts democracy...

As Guido

reported earlier
Parliament was evacuated. 
TB's Parliamentary mole can reveal the reason for this emergency action...

A dodgy light fitting considered to be a risk.

No thank you...

This morning Jacqui Smith

the new billion dollar biometric, big-brother , were big - you're small, we're right - you're wrong, "Achtung! vhere are your papers !" ID Cards.

TB will let Boris take it from here...

What will you do with yours?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

How to run a bath....

It seems Team Gordo has cocked up again in it's handling of the Ruth Kelly resignation... If he can't even run his press operation, how is he meant to run the country?

TB is beginning to pity their ineptness

, so in a rare flash of generosity here is a simple instruction video...

Start with the basics shall we...

Poster banter continues...

Click the image to enlarge and read the the Edinburgh University's Student report of the "ruckus" at the Freshers Fair...

TB urges all student tories to cause trouble this year...

Ahhh lefty-baiting....

Last chance to get your party tickets...

Less than a week to go till TB's conference party... Make sure you take this chance to get your hands on the last few tickets if you haven't already. Use the paypal link on the right to secure your place on the list. Tickets are strictly limited and only available before the night...

Click to enlarge
(More infomation here)