Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Book of Dave

Dylan Jones – Cameron on Cameron

Tory Bear has been lying on the beach sipping cocktails so haven’t seen how the weekend papers have treated it, but just finished reading

Cameron on Cameron
. It would be easy to attack it and can imagine what the more hardnosed critics will say - it isn’t probing enough and DC gets an easy ride from a clear fan etc etc but TB couldn’t help enjoy it.

The introduction sets you up for “The Book of Dave” and that is exactly what it is. The learned teachings and words of the golden child.

You budding Cameroons out there should instantly get a copy and learn the great chunks of pure Dave. Like the policy guide produced by the CRD for every general election, this book could easily be used as a dictionary of Cameron soundbites. The useful index at the back gives ease of access and the potential to learn a corking one liner on any subject you can think of, just it time for conference.

Joking apart the book takes you on the political journey from the miserable Ealing by-election to all change at Crewe. It is never a bad thing to pause and remember how far we have come as a party in that year and how close the shit was to hitting the fan this time last year. You wouldn’t believe it, if we hadn’t all just witnessed it. Jones is clearly a big fan of not only DC himself but the entire Cameron project and there are only one or two passages and comments in the entire three hundred and fifty pages of unlimited one on one access, which could be construed as negative.

Dave was grumpy one morning apparently.

Party faithful will lap it up freely but Tory Bear recommends you get a copy of this book for that friend who hasn’t come round yet to loving Dave or someone who claims he is a bit a bit of a fake… Yes it’s pure propaganda but at the end of the day you are left feeling just how good it could be with DC in No. 10.

You can get it, if you really want it here.


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