Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rock's support dips as the reforms are chewed over...

of members are unhappy about the communication they have received regarding the proposed changes to the structure of Conservative Future.

Based on a survey of 13% of the CF electorate there is clearly a feeling that something needs to be done to reinvigorate and restructure the organisation but the reforms put forward by Michael Rock are clearly not seen as the answer:
As a result Michael's strong personal rating of 72.4% just two months ago has dropped ten points to 62%. Some members clearly used this opportunity to vent their frustrations with 15% of them giving the Rock a Zero rating.

TB isn't surprised by these developments and has voiced his concerns about this matter on many occasion. This poll proves his analysis that it was not necessarily reforms people were anti - it's being kept in the dark they object to.

It's not too late to salvage this. TB is receiving word that an email from Michael will go out to the Area Chairman sometime this afternoon...

Looks like this could be the announcement they've all been waiting for...


Anonymous said...

A month too late. Rock and the majority of this NME are a complete waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Its a tricky one but could Rock tell us before he had the ok for CCHQ or who ever the nod is need from if he went of shouting about how the reforms where coming then told they can not happen then he and CF would look silly. I think it a small mater and pepole who wont his job or dont like his Con-Librel phillophy to attck him.

Anonymous said...

just received this now. no consultation- just a debrief. is this how a chairman should treat his membership?

Dear Area Chairmen,

As the rumours continue to circulate regarding the changes to CF's structure, I though I should reiterate a few points to you all.

Firstly, the major impact of the changes we are proposing will directly affect the NME and no other part of Conservative Future's structure. In essence, we are proposing to double the NME by using Regional Chairman as a
replacement for the present NME structure, which is universally recognised as insufficient and inefficient.

Secondly, any changes we (the NME) decide upon have to be ratified by the Party Board. Therefore, the proposals we put forward may be rejected out of hand and any kind of wider consultation would be a waste of time.

Thirdly, the rumours circulating on the blogs stem from the election
process where I constantly reiterated how important regional and local level engagement is to truly making CF effective.

Finally, much of the impetus to change is that we need to be better geared for the next General Election and, at present, we realistically will not perform at our most effective under the present constraints.

The NME are meeting with senior Party members on September 13th and we hope to have a finalised package at that meeting which will be presented to the Board by the end of September. If the proposals are accepted, you will all receive a debrief prior to the formal announcement at Conference.

Trust this email finds you well, best wishes,


Michael Rock
National Chairman, Conservative Future
M: +44 7903 016809

Anonymous said...

Wider consultation is NEVER a waste of time - this looks a lot like Rock seems to think the "little people" cannot think for themselves. Maybe he'd be better off in the Labour Party??

And, Michael,when are you intending to contact the Constitutional Commitiee? Or are you so arrogant you think you doesn't have to?

Anonymous said...

The Rock Posse wasted no time in appointing a bunch of shady characters with questionable motives to threaten and dictate to us.

For all those naïve supporters he promised top jobs to – you got nothing – only now do you see the true colours of the careerist.

Emmet Guliver, Coleman, Sullivan….. you should have been wiser.

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