Thursday, 4 September 2008

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Richard Holloway

Hmmmm, at which point in the discussions, Party Board’s approval, debrief and formal announcement do CF members get consulted on the reforms before they are put in place?

If people are involved in a change, it is always the best policy to have them (or the majority) on board as you formulate the reform. A confidential (and frank) meeting before the summer (or during it) to discuss the reforms with Area Chairmen perhaps?

The devil is in the detail of any plan (as we all know from far too many years of a Labour government), yet the way this is shaping up it seems to be that Area Chairmen aren't going to get a chance to influence and inform the detail.

I don't have too much of a problem with the actual changes, I personally think a lot of the organisation problems come from not rewarding and encouraging individuals in their hard work, rather than changing the structure.

Anonymous said...

hope rock resigns as this shows what a liar and disgrace he is.
the nme are his sock-puppets and need some backbone to stand up to him.
questions rock wont answer:
1) who are the people who universally agreed that the nme are "insufficent and inefficient"?
2) why is he bypassing the constitutional committee?
3) why has he lied?
4) why is he discussing the reforms as a "package"?
time for change methinks

Alex Agius
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Anonymous said...

It should be noted that all of this is set against a back drop of ZERO campaigning activity from central CF. In fact Rock himself wrote the campaign's director an abusive e-mail telling him NOT to go campaigning in Tooting with CF.

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