Friday, 10 October 2008

As the dust settles...

So as the dust settles TB's sources reveal that there won't be a replacement co-option onto the National Management Executive as result of ABB's departure. There seems to be little point due to the fact that the NME is almost certainly now going.

As much as TB has a lot of time and respect for all of the elected officials of CF for their own different reasons, it a rare occurrence that a member quits and shows just how frosty NME relations are. TB understands that this issue was the first contact the NME had together since conference and there has been an almost freeze in communications. The resignation was specifically held from the NME until the last minute but seems TB's source stretch further and wider than elected officials. The reform fall out certainly goes deeper than anyone anticipated and future votes will now once again seemingly be a tie without the ABB swing vote. This could lead to a rather messy next meeting where these reforms need to hammered out and the executive evenly split.

TB wonders if any other elected officials are thinking ABB had the sense to get out now...


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