Friday, 10 October 2008

Calling Matt Lewis

National Management Executive Elections results 2008:

Christian May - 413
Adele Douglas - 400
Owen Meredith - 380
Steve Ricketts - 378
Anastasia Beaumont-Bott - 358
Patrick Sullivan - 347

Matt Lewis - 339
Karen Allen - 323
Charlie Groome - 320
Craig Cox - 299
Anne-Marie Bray - 273

Surely as the next in line Mr Lewis should step up the mark now there is a vacancy? A Lewis/Meredith combo on NME would be quite the unit and help Owen's potential bid for the top no end.

Will ABB let Matt in the back door?


Matt Lewis said...

As I understand, 5 of the 6 NME members have strongly considered walking away at one point, added to which Michael Rock thinks I'm fermenting rebellion against him at every turn.

My chances of being co-opted are therefore extremely unlikely, second only to my fervent desire NOT to serve.

If someone does 'step up', best of luck to them, but it certainly won't be me.

declan lyons said...

Go for it, Matt!

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