Sunday, 12 October 2008

TB's laptop

TB is trying to edit some audio and video on his laptop but it's getting old and is saying it can't detect the soundcard. Any clues anyone?

The conference videos are kind of stuck until TB can get this fixed...

In the meantime keep an eye out in the next few days for the redesign of to go live.
Mike Rouse
has done a fantastic job and TB is very excited about the new look. Mike cut his teeth at 18 Doughty Street and should be your first port of call for any online political needs.

Check out his website for more


Mike Rouse

Thanks for the plug. I'm working on the final touches today.

With rgds to your sound card problem, have you downloaded the latest firmware/drivers for the card? Have you added or removed any hardware/software on your computer since the sound card last worked?

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