Wednesday, 8 October 2008


TB is just catching up on the first PMQs of the new school year...

Dave rose above the party politics and offered Brown the chance to justify and explain the moves he is taking. Brown then spat in his face with a cheap shot showing just what a nasty little man he is. There is a marked difference in Brown's performance from the last PMQs before the summer but the only reason he got one over DC was the fact Dave wasn't on the attack. Was a stinging attack none the less... This is a new enemy, a new Brown - Mandy is back, how long until Campell steps up? The New Labour machine isn't going to go down without one hell of a fight:

After the events of the last week Gordon Brown may well be safe now until the next election and that gives the Conservatives a great opportunity to continuously go for the jugular and drag this idiot through the mud, safe in the knowledge that the Parliamentary Labour Party cannot conceivably get rid of their leader given their Soviet-style pledges of loyalty on Monday.

Let the games begin.. No mercy.


Anonymous said...

talking about being accountable are you ever going to release the NME survey reasults from last month!


they weren't massivly exciting and got carried away with other things.

will be sure to include them in comparison to any new figures collected soon.

TB is a busy bear

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