Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Well isn't this a happy thought....

has a warning...

"The big lie that we will hear this morning is that taxpayer's money will be "invested" and the government may even make a profit - like the Swedes did in the nineties. Except the Swedes didn't make a profit, Swedish taxpayers lost billions. One bank out of over 114 Swedish banks refused the deal. SEB, Sweden's largest bank controlled by the Wallenberg family, arranged a private sector recapitalisation and returned to profitability within a year. So could the UK banks. British taxpayers are going to get screwed like they have never been screwed before."




This government is determined to screw the taxpayer. Their full bail-out of people depositing money in foreign banks is conclusive evidence of this. Labour always wreck the economy.


Jeez, McTwat has to be skewered by DC. What an insulting comment at the end! Just as well this isn't Guido's place or there'd have been some ripe words used.

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