Sunday, 5 October 2008

Scottish Tories raise the game...

TB just spotted this on

This postcard is being sent to young voters in Scotland's target seats to raise the awareness of the SNP's continuing implementation of the nanny state.

TB was in the gallery to watch Murdo Fraser's
barnstorming performance
in the parliament the other day that saw the idea defeated by nearly two votes to one this is an excellent sign of
a that the Party in Scotland is getting into gear. Students from all political parties turned out in the morning to rally outside parliament against this measure and they threw their weight behind the Tories. It's amendments and moments like this that show just how powerful the Conservative grouping in Holyrood really is. In a minority government situation, twenty odd votes make all the difference and have a very strong voice.

With the right campaign, the party in the north could really begin to turn things round in the next 18 months. The Scottish seats have some of the youngest and brightest candidates in the country selected. It was a pleasure to meet so many of them at conference and again last night at the excellent dinner put on at Edinburgh's New Club to honour the combined service of over eighty years clocked up by former leader David McLethchie MSP and Edinburgh councillor Alan Jackson. The potential is on the ground and now Scottish Central Office must continue this good start and keep up the momentum.

The election in Scotland must not be fought slagging off the SNP. The election must be fought on the grounds that the only way to get rid of Labour nationally is to vote Conservative. This message must be rammed home, but like this leaflet shows, there is no harm in having a crack at the nats...



I totally agree TB. I have been rather impressed with the performance of Annabel Goldie and her team at Holyrood. Scottish Labours complete disarray along with the insignificance of the Libs mean its is no wonder "Wee Alex" says that the Scots Tories and the only opposition in the Scots Parliament. Sadly, the party in Scotland are still a good 18 to 24 months behind the Welsh Conservatives who quite frankly have been astonishing.

There needs to be a much bigger effort in PR-ing themselves and this is particularly true given that they have no natural allies in the Scottish media.

They shoud be aiming for at least 6seats at the next general election (the same as was won in '92 but still 23 LESS than was won in '79!!). I'm afraid I am not entirely confident with David Mundell although concede that he has improved vastly.

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