Saturday, 8 November 2008

Glenrothes hits the cyber nats hard...

Just spotted this on the

Scottish Unionist
blog. It's been lifted from a newspaper comments section and is a fair reflection of the lunacy you find in cyber-nationalist forums, which make for comical reading..

It was the last line that really tickled Tory Bear! These idiots just don't get it, this ridiculous attempt to link their half-arsed idea of separation to the American War of Independence highlights just how stupid the Nationalists are. What next - No taxation without representation!? Well last time TB checked the Scots paid less tax and got more bang for their buck, and they even have their own shiny Parliament. Hardly a battle against a cruel and repressive occupier.

This evocation of the ultimate libertarian freedom campaign is insulting and pathetic. To suggest that violent insurrection is an option to the nationalist cause proves just how desperate this small, sad bunch of nutters really are. Check out some of these forums if you fancy a laugh.

TB will see you on the barricades my crazy Caledonian chums...

...flying a very different flag.


Anonymous said...

I notice that the said poster has inserted the letter h into 'boy', meaning that he is a follower of the most despicable, evil football club on the earth.

Is Tory Bear aware that they could not stomach a minute's silence today and opted to applaud the deaths of millions of people instead?

A cancer on Scotland indeed.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off was the American Revolution "the ultimate libertarian freedom campaign". It was a treasonaous and violent assault on legitimate authhority led by a small cabal who didn't like the Navy's view on their import tax liabilities.

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