Sunday, 7 December 2008

Back to the Future...

It seems it wasn't just TB who had a busy weekend of working hard and playing hard. After the carnage of the Exeter Ball on Friday night it was straight back to work for the great and good of Conservative Future. After weeks of bashing out the selections for Regional Coordinators the list is set to be announced tomorrow. Seems the security around the final names is very tight though word from the South East is that the  speculation about Ranil Jayawardena being chosen will be confirmed. 

As for Tory Bear? Well he was campaigning hard in Perth yesterday and then a classic Saturday night out. Been a while since he has hit to town properly and couldn't help notice... is disco back? Seems to be everywhere again and TB can't help but ask, is this country returning to the 1970's? 
There is nationalisation left right and centre. We are in a recession and are over-taxed. We have a useless, chaotic and failing Labour government and disco is playing on a Saturday night.
Is this 1978?


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