Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tell Preston Council where to go.

Tory Bear was rather ironically left speechless when he

read on Conservative Home
today that Preston Council have started to enforce £80 on the spot fines for
swearing in the street
. Not only was he dumbstruck at this abuse of power by a supposedly TORY council what really took the biscuit was the last line - "I think Preston Council might well have come up with a good idea."
Whatever happened to freedom of speech! TB sympathises in the fact that in days gone by this wasn't a problem and that people respected being around women and children and behaved appropriately. However just because society is going down the toilet it doesn't mean the state has the right to silence people and that local councils have the right to abuse their power. As
cleverly put it tonight how dare the state insist on citizens paying "money into a municipal swear jar."

Not only is this is possibly the most outrageous and ridiculous idea TB has heard in a long time, salt was added to the wound by the new editor of the
local government
section of ConHome Cllr Harry Phibbs. How can anyone who claims to be a member of a party that exists to defend the concept of British Liberty and freedoms agree with this absurd repression? TB can count on one hand, OK maybe two hands, the times that he has been this angry at what is normally a representative and balanced conservative editorial stance on ConHome.

Now he doesn't normally swear very much on here but if TB wasn't flying next week (sorry Lily,) he would get the train home via Preston, walk into the main street and say loudly and proudly to this nasty state infringement...

Fuck Off!


John Moorcraft

This would never had happened in the FCS' day..............

James Schneider

At least the comment section of the ConHome post was filled by people with a similar reaction to us.
P.S. I think you've got a typo in my name.


My bad.. fixed!

Yes, maybe we should all go to Preston to yell in the streets...

It's facebook event waiting to happen.


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