Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Why don't all PPCs do this?

Excellent idea from

Brandon Lewis
the candidate for Great Yarmouth:

Leading the way in the viral campaigns...


Paul said...

Brandon Lewis is a fantastic PPC for Yarmouth and I am sure he will make an even better MP.

Donal Blaney

Nice idea: one suggestion? I'd have kept the music playing in the background to make it even more uplifting. But other than that, a nice touch.


Common problem with amateur videos like this (and I have seen quite a few made by candidates and MPs that suffer from the same problem): Don't use the built in mic on the camera which picks up all the background noise as well as the speaker. Try to use a boom or other mic placed just out of shot.

For longer films don't just have the candidate talking to camera. If possible do some shots withe the candidate doing a recorded voiceover.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, In what way is this good? PPC talking straight to camera, no indication that it is Christmas in background. Nothing linking to meaning of Christmas. No sign of PPC actually doing anything.Sad.
I might have been a crap PPC, but I was not that crap.

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