Wednesday, 6 May 2009

+++Brent and Gareth fired+++

Iain Dale got the scoop
, but it seems apparent that Draper has been booted out as editor of
. Despite early attempts by his minion Tom Miller to maneuver into a position where he would be able to take over as Draper's puppets, it seems they have been told
where to go
as well... Ironic that this little set back is put at the end of a nonsense piece Miller has written about careerism in politics. Seems he has learnt a lesson in it from Draper...
A statement is expected tomorrow.

UPDATE: Alex Smith steps up from deputy to
Dolly. Seems Miller was just too toxic to be kept on.


James Burdett

Oh happy day!


Excellent news.

Tom Miller cited me and my blog as prime example of autism during 'Smeargate'!

That'll teach him.

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