Friday, 22 May 2009

He actually thinks he has a chance.

John Bercow has nailed his pathetic colours to the mast in a piece in today's Independent. Given that his campaign has been running for the last few years, there is no surprise that he is the first out of the blocks in any serious way. Fingers crossed he will run out of steam over the next month as people get sick of his swarmy smile, lack of ideology and willingness to say "how high?" before anyone even says "jump".

Bercow told the Independent
: "I have decided to stand for election as Speaker and this article seeks to explain my reasons. Elected in 1997, I came into the Commons to represent my Buckingham constituents and to stand up for Conservative principles." What absolute twoddle.

Fingers crossed the Buckingham Association will begin the deselection process after flicking through
today's Telegraph
: "John Bercow, one of the most heavily tipped Conservative candidates for the Speaker’s chair, faces questions over his expenses claims after he “flipped” his second home from his constituency to a £540,000 flat in London and claimed the maximum possible allowances for it."

Parliament needs a squeaky clean, brave reformer, not some two faced, wet, pocket liner.



Please let there be further revelations on him by the DT. He's utterly unsuitable as Speaker.

Does TB think the Speaker should be elected by the proles? I'm in two minds about this.


The Labour sheep will vote for Bercow because they know how much the Tories hate him. He's virtually a Labour stooge.

Best way to stop it is to shout the expenses story as loud as possible and shame him into withdrawing.

James Burdett

Why can't the guy just do the logical thing and defect. He is a slimy little weasel, an unctuous toad.

Anyone But Bercow said...

I think you want him to win. There's no other explanation for why you're being so soft on the treacherous, backstabbing, cretinous hoon. :-)


Perhaps once you guys stop touting Frank Field as a potential speaker then perhaps the idea of Johb Bercow as speaker might at last appear as ridiculous as it actuaslly is. Once we stop playing these ridiculous games with each other then maybe the serious candidates will emerge.

Dave Howarth

I like him. Obviously Tory hacks like yourself hate him because he doesn't stick to party line, but he's a House of Commons man who values the power of debate and reason, and surely that should be the highest principle in Parliament.

Better than Widdicombe, who wants to be as cautious as possible about any reforms... Wouldn't be a great start!

insert-coin-here said...

The bloke is a poncey little tory a few other conservative backbenchers.

BlueLabour at its most predictable.

Anonymous said...

The job of Speaker should go to an MP who has not "flipped" or who voted against the publication of the expenses.

My choice would be Douglas Carswell because he had the guts to challenge Martin in the first place, plus he is disgusted by the whole parlimentary system.

The new Speaker will be very powerful so its better if the role is filled by a new and un corrupted MP and Carswell fits that role perfectly.
John F in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

More than a chance apparently.

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