Sunday, 10 May 2009

Trust the biggest political scandal that TB could even fathom to unfold right in the middle of his finals. To make matters worse he is revising with a knee the size of a watermelon and semi-delirious from a combination of codeine and Deep-Heat fumes. The third round of expenses revelations have been scrutinised all morning so here are some stories from the Sunday papers you may have missed...
  • Obama takes on the Paparazzi and the Times as an interesting insight into "Brand Obama".
  • Isn't it about time we had a few years without a Kennedy in the Senate?
  • The race for one of the most prestigious academic post
    in the world turns dirty, very dirty.
  • The Scotland on Sunday report on Cameron and the SNP.
  • The Observer claim Damian Green has ditched his mole. Not cool if true.
  • Tom Watson is a fat bastard. Proof.
  • Matthew D'Ancona says its all too easy to blame the system in his Telegraph column.
  • You know it's a really bad when Andrew Rawnsley turns on you.
And finally if you read one article from this post please let it be
this damning insight
into the world of Gordon Brown, the brutish thug. Seems Ray Collins lacks the spine of his predecessor Peter Watt.


Anton Howes

Good luck with your exams though!

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