Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Labour is broken.

TB had the misfortune of bumping into an old Labour friend on the train home last night. Having spent a lovely evening with Sister Bear, and even running into a former Lady Bear, the journey back to the sticks was made even more painful by having to endure the shit chat from this chap that was mainly focused on what "a larf" it was that Bercow was going to be elected Speaker.

TB was at the hustings yesterday afternoon and had to endure this pathetic little brown-noser winking, laughing and waving at his imaginary friends in the audience, (also why is it necessary to nod in agreement to everything your opponent says when behind the scenes you are phone banking through the night slagging them off?) If he sows up the victory it will be another dark milestone for the Labour Party.

The fact that apparently over one hundred Labour members are "supporting" him shows just how morally bankrupt the PLP has become. They don't like this man, but, the thought of scoring one over the Conservatives is too much for many of them to take. It's this mentality that proves just how unfit Labour are for government. They are more concerned with scoring party political points than doing what is best for the country. Labour is rotten to the core. As
this report
shows, there are far better candidates running for Speaker than Bercow, and greater candidates have dropped out of the race for being in Bercow's position- hated by half the House. The Tories could have kept Frank Field in the race but they saw the light and realised what a pathetic thing electing someone who is hated by half the organisation they must represent would be.

If the Labour Party elect their slimy little pet then they should hang their heads in shame. We can't go on like this. This bunch of tribal, vicious, partisan fools must be booted out before they cause irrevocable damage to this nation and forever destroy our once great institutions. If they can't even elect a decent Speaker, someone respected by both sides, someone who is suitable for the job, then they deserve to be routed even sooner than will already happen.

A Bercow victory?

Will the last person to leave Westminster turn off the light...



If it is the wrong decision, you can virtually guarantee that Labour will make it - based on past performance.

Anonymous said...

Lol Fausty that is a good comment. sometimes i truelly wonder if Gordon Brown is a saboteur, deliberately trying to screw the countries long term prospects. Either that or he truely can't see father than two weeks out which is unlikely given where he has got to.

Great post TB.

Holyrood Patter

surely there cant be that many former lady bears?

Aye We Can !

Sseriously , what is so bad about Bercow? Tories seem ate him - but your mob put him there.

Explain please? Just telling me he is a nob aint convincing me...give us some detail


If I recall Bercow used to be the darling of the Tory Right; he then moderated his views, renounced his previous position on certain issues (gay rights being one of them) and adopted a more left of centre approach to primarily social issues.
Now correct me if I am wrong - but isn't this exactly what the leadership of David Cameron has being doing too? Moving the party to a more tolerant position on social policy and away from the sort of reactionary right-wing responses that a certain John Bercow used to espouse.
Whatever your personal feelings on the man and his abilities, or lack of them, to perform the job of speaker he cannot be elected by labour members alone. He will have to have support from all sides of the House to win; and unlike you, I have faith that the House has more sense!

Anonymous said...

Every Tory Worshipped him two seconds ago... Show some backbone.

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