Friday, 28 August 2009

A taste of things to come?

So the

news has broken
that Fraser Nelson will take over from Matthew D'Ancona as editor of The Spectator. Congratulations are in order to both of them, firstly to Matthew for what has been a fantastic tenure, of which the lasting legacy must be the 75k circulation and the
Coffee House
. TB is massively intrigued to where he is heading next and there has been
much speculation
already this evening. Just look where the last editor ended up. Secondly to Fraser, who is getting ready to fill a prestigious pair of shoes.

Nelson's News of the World column is a must read every week and TB is looking forward to see where he takes the Speccie.



I love the look on GB's face as Fraser Nelson states his name. You'd think he's saying inside his head, "oh SHIT, I didn't mean to pick him."


Actually, if you look at his lips carefully, he just says 'fuck'...

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