Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Adam Boulton Definitely Calls Shotgun!

TB was out last night when the details of

came through and subsequently spent most of today lying down. But TB was right with his hunch the other day.

Are you a reader Adam?


Undercover Princess

This is a TERRIBLE idea! It's nothing more than the cheapening and Americanisation of politics.

Voters can already compare, side by side, the parties policies - all they have to do is click on the manifestos on the internet. This move would effectively mean that the only skill required for the job would be the ability to speak suavely to order. Let's not worry about what sort of mind you have for policy, or for decision making - all we want is for you to be able to spin a lie well and batter your opponent verbally.

I thought that was exactly what we DIDN'T like about Tony Blair. So why foster it in ALL our candidates from here on in?


An excellent idea! It's good to see the opening up and re-popularisation of politics.

Regular voters cannot comprehend party policies or manifestos, whether they have access to the internet or not. So much is unspoken in them. Speaking "suavely" is, surely, a must-have skill in politics of any era (see Pitt the Younger & co for starters off the top of my head).

Better argue the points out head-to-head in public before an election. Let us see what they are made of and how their ideas stand up to scrutiny/criticism.

This is what we DID like about Blair - his apparent open-ness.Alright, it turns out he was a bit of a shit, but doesn't mean the idea is a bad one in principle.

Encourage public debate. Stoke the public's interest. Encourage them to engage. Bring some real-world value to uk politics again.

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