Monday, 9 November 2009

Are we going with Letter-gate?

Busy day so late to this one. TB hates Gordon as much as the rest of the country but today's attacks have gone a little far. While yes it's no secret that Gordon Brown cannot write very well, it is because he is blind. Yes this raises interesting questions and yes he should be booted out of office for his handling of the war, but this attack is a bit below the belt. Brown's eyesight is of concern to the nation but bloody hell, there are ways of addressing this issue and today's media storm is certainly not one of them.

The spelling on the other hand is totally fair game. Given that GB must be a little prone to this sort of thing, why were none of his babysitters given the letter to proof? It's just sloppy in any business, but particularly slack given the sensitivity of these letters. Downing St is in chaos but TB didn't realise it was this bad.

That is all.


Jack said...

I think all this hoo-ha was a bit OTT as well. It was an honest error and by all accounts Gordon Brown is deeply sorry for any distress he has caused. That said - he will probably take a good deal more care in the future. But to make it a political issue is scraping the barrel in my view. By all means criticise the Government on policy. But to extrapolate from this error to something larger is shabby.

Indeed I would say that the whole strategy of personalising everything to Gordon Brown that the Tory Party have been doing of late in an attempt to suggest that everything that has gone wrong is down to him is laughable (he is not that powerful) and will come back to bite you in the future.


Entirely agree, TB, especially where he should get the letter proof read - not rocket science! But then he's too arrogant as he's never wrong, right?

Anonymous said...

I've said before, get the letter text typed, stick on a post-it, with the family name and the soldier's name, leave space between text and signature for brief hand-written message re bad handwriting and reason for typed letter. Add hand-written "Dear ....", add signature, send.

Anonymous said...


The man scribbled out a wrong letter and wrote over it. He KNEW he scribled it out but still finished it and sent it!

OK so maybe -MAYBE -his eye sight is so bad that he got it wrong - fair enough - but to knowingly strike it through and carry on is simply inexcusable.

For the love of God have we become so precious about not wanting to offend the afflicted that we can't say he's a twat even when he is just because he has bad eye sight?

He didn't bow his head at the cenotaph, he strikes through letters of condolence like they are rough drafts, he sends soldiers to fight so poorly equipped that they take part time jobs to pay for better kit, he pays traffic wardens and other client workers far in excess of those who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, he was the protege of a proud communist and has done his level best to bugger us all for the foreseeable future.

I don't have words to describe how much I hate him other than to say that he should be hung for treason.

If his eye sight is that bad then perhaps there is a God.

Anonymous said...

Ok then, so it is fair to say he only has one eye - so he cannot write properly. Ok, so its fair to say he cannot spell - Labour has spent the last 12 years not teaching our kids to spell, so that is no surprise. But what really fucks me off, and no one seems to be bothered about is THE LACK OF FUCKING ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Is this why the country is in such a mess - because the tosser does not bother to check stuff before he publishes it/makes it law? p.s. if there are any smelling mistakes, or other errors in the above - dont bother pointing them out - I am NOT the Prime Minister.


It's not the bad hand writing or even the spelling or grammar that are the problem. Brown did not apologise to Mrs Janes, he used his usual weasel words, 'I'm sorry if you feel ... etc'.

The man is one of the nastiest bullies and sought to lecture Karzai on election fraud and croneyism. He's also a liar and a cheat.

Don't be fooled by his pretence. He hates the British, particularly the English and has sought to undermine the very fabric of our society and economy. Five more years and he will have achieved his goal.

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