Friday, 13 November 2009

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Not Recognised

The Liberal Democrats like to pretend that the eclectic mix of fruitcakes they have speaking on certain policy areas are a "Shadow Cabinet". They like to pretend that they are an actual opposition when in reality the whole thing smacks of "go back to your constituencies and prepare for government."

As much as they ham this shad cab thing up, it's good to see that at least the Lib Dem IT department have a dose of reality. For a laugh google "

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet
":Click on the
top result

Oh dear, there it is from the horses mouth. The Liberal Democrats do not have a shadow cabinet. They have spokesmen on policy areas.

May that be the end of it.


Blue-eyed Boy

The same applies when you google Liberal Democrat policies


Google "French military victories" and hit I'm Feeling Lucky. :P

Veritas, Veritas, the party for the vain and crass said...

My understanding is that the parliamentary authorities have the final word on this matter.

In 1999, when Wee Charlie Kennedy took over, they made a great big song and dance about using 'shadow' titles, and were doing so quite inappropriately.

But as of 2002, the parliamentary authorities switched tack, and started to allow them to use 'Lib Dem shadow cabinet', 'Lib Dem shadow home secretary' titles, etc.

So while it would be inappropriate for them to claim to be THE 'shadow' cabinet, it is in all fairness quite reasonable for them to be the 'Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet' since it's a fairly accurate job description of them shadwoing the cabinet from their point of view.

And frankly, if they can be bothered with that mouthful, they're welcome to the title!

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